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Tuned Applications Company one of the most professional and trust worthy companies in Jordan in the area of the IT field , offering a comprehensive range of training ,developmental solutions , consultation and support to both individuals and corporate professionals locally and regionally. It was established in 2011 and operating a fully prepared training corporate.

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Tuned Applications

We deliver high quality training programs. We do believe that knowledge is power!

Tuned Applications

We are a fully integrated IT software development company provides SW solutions to add value to your business

Tuned Applications
Support consultation

we provide expert knowledge and enable you to build and maintain a competitive business.

Tuned Applications

Be the selected, appointed and suitable candidate for jobs with TunedApps recruitmen


tuned Applications

Our Training Programs

Oracle Developer 11g
105 Training Hours

Oracle DBA
50 Training Hours

155 Training Hours

Android Package
110 Training Hours

24 Training Hours For Each Course

Java SE8 - JEE Package
70 Training Hours

ASP.NET using VB OR C#
75 Training hours

PHP 5.6 Package
96 Training Hours

Networking Package
160 Training Hours

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Programming is everything

Knowing how to code is like knowing how to read and write was in medival times. You can certainly get along without it, but you do so by living in ignorance of many of the wonders around you

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Independence Day

احتفلت شركة البرمجيات المتقنه مع طلابها وكادرها بعيد الاستقلال وكل عام والوطن وقائد الوطن بالف خير

Oracle Free Training

عقدت شركة البرمجيات المتقنه تدريب مجاني Oracle Fundamentals بمدة عشرة ساعات تدريبية لتخصصات تكنولجيا المعلومات بالجامعات الأردنيه

Fun Practical Day

تم عقد فعاليات اليوم العلمي الترفيهي في فندق القدس بحضور 20عميد ودكتور من الجامعات الاردنيه وشركة Oracle وبحضور 350 مشارك من تخصصات تكنولجيا المعلومات .

Facebook Competition

Kindly check our Facebook page for TunedApps's Facebook Contest

Al-Zaytonah private university

Tuned Applications has participated in the open day in Al-Zaytonah private university

Sumayah Careers Day

Tuned Applications has participated in Princes Sumayah careers day.

Al-Zarqa university Careers day

Special offers up to 50% in our training programs on October

Al-Albait university Careers day

Al-Albait university Careers day

27 aug
Mohammed Isameil

مركز رائع جدا

29 aug
Yousif Majid

تم التقييم بدون أي تحيز مع الشكر ومشكورين جدا على تعاملكم الراقي

15 Sep
Walid Omer

شكرا لكم ونتمنى لكم مزيد من التقدم والازدهار

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